Hi, I’m Sara.

I’ve always enjoyed baking, but until 2020 I never really found time to do it. Like a lot of people, it started with a sourdough starter. That evolved into making cakes – mostly tiny ones since I didn’t have many people to share with. And nearly 10 months later I’m still making cake, bread, and venturing into a few other realms of baking too. My bakes are inspired by American, Jewish, and British culture, and things that make me laugh or smile.

I’m a self-taught baker, and during the day I write code. You can read more about that on my other blog.

Why the name ‘Byte Size Bakes’?

“Byte size” is a play on “bite size,” and I love making tiny or small-batch versions of baked goods. I used “byte” because of my tech background, which sometimes finds its way into my baking. A byte is a basic unit of information in computer storage, consisting of 8 bits. A bit is the smallest unit of information, represented by a “0” or “1”. But you probably came here for baking, so enough about computers for now.

I chose the word “bakes” as a nod to the British inspiration in my baking (did I mention my husband is British?!). In the UK they typically refer to baked goods as “bakes” rather than “baking.” It’s common to say something like “I love your bakes!” in the UK, whereas in the US we’d probably say “I love your baking.” I’m a huge fan of discovering these small cultural differences, which is why I included it in the name.