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Olympic gold medal cookies

Olympic gold medal cookies

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Have you ever seen Olympic medalists pose with their medal as if they’re about to take a bite of it? I absolutely love watching the Olympics, and this year I was inspired to make an edible medal. But of course, this sweet gold medal would not be complete without some […]

Fourth of July piñata cake

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Fourth of July is one of my husband’s favorite holidays, and this year he asked if I could fill a cake with patriotic M&Ms. He became a citizen in 2019 and we didn’t get to do the fireworks thing last year because, well, 2020. I had never made a piñata […]

Computer birthday cake

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I love making my own birthday cake, and this year I got pretty nerdy with it. I’m a software engineer during the day, and decided to incorporate some of that into my cake. I wanted to make the cake a computer terminal (also called the command line), which is an […]

Fudgy chocolate goat cheese cookies

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Ok, ok. I know what you’re thinking. Goat cheese?! In a cookie?! Stick with me for a minute though. You can’t taste the goat cheese and it adds the BEST, fudgiest texture. I promise. My dad hates goat cheese, and I was mean and had him try these without telling […]

Eclairs to celebrate being fully vaccinated

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Ever since I heard a covid vaccine was on the way, this idea popped into my head to make eclairs to celebrate. Why eclairs? Because they are injected (like the vaccine) with a filling and I find this similarity funny. Eclairs also kind of resemble the shape of a syringe. […]

Tiny everything bagel cookies

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I woke up this morning thinking about little everything bagel cookies and decided to see if this would work. Turns out it did! These little guys are entirely sweet with a nice almond flavor and they’re even gluten free. No onions or garlic here, I promise. Where did the inspiration […]

Save the Date Scones

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Dates. In scones. It is tasty. This was my first time baking with dates and it certainly won’t be the last. They add a delicious caramel-like flavor, and in this recipe I include them in two forms: chopped dates and date syrup. YUM. To develop the base for this recipe […]

Reflecting on one year of pandemic baking

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On March 25th, 2020, I made a loaf of banana bread mostly because I was bored and everyone else was doing it. It didn’t take long before the aroma of sugary bananas and melty chocolate chips took me back to my childhood, reminding me how much I enjoyed baking. You […]