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Computer chip cake

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My husband had a big birthday last month, and I wanted to make a cake that captured his personality to celebrate. One of his biggest passions is chips – not the potato or chocolate kind (though he does like those too) – I’m talking about the computer kind. The ones […]

Olympic gold medal cookies

Olympic gold medal cookies

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Have you ever seen Olympic medalists pose with their medal as if they’re about to take a bite of it? I absolutely love watching the Olympics, and this year I was inspired to make an edible medal. But of course, this sweet gold medal would not be complete without some […]

Fourth of July piñata cake

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Fourth of July is one of my husband’s favorite holidays, and this year he asked if I could fill a cake with patriotic M&Ms. He became a citizen in 2019 and we didn’t get to do the fireworks thing last year because, well, 2020. I had never made a piñata […]

Computer birthday cake

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I love making my own birthday cake, and this year I got pretty nerdy with it. I’m a software engineer during the day, and decided to incorporate some of that into my cake. I wanted to make the cake a computer terminal (also called the command line), which is an […]

Fudgy chocolate goat cheese cookies

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Ok, ok. I know what you’re thinking. Goat cheese?! In a cookie?! Stick with me for a minute though. You can’t taste the goat cheese and it adds the BEST, fudgiest texture. I promise. My dad hates goat cheese, and I was mean and had him try these without telling […]

Eclairs to celebrate being fully vaccinated

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Ever since I heard a covid vaccine was on the way, this idea popped into my head to make eclairs to celebrate. Why eclairs? Because they are injected (like the vaccine) with a filling and I find this similarity funny. Eclairs also kind of resemble the shape of a syringe. […]

Tiny everything bagel cookies

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I woke up this morning thinking about little everything bagel cookies and decided to see if this would work. Turns out it did! These little guys are entirely sweet with a nice almond flavor and they’re even gluten free. No onions or garlic here, I promise. Where did the inspiration […]

Save the Date Scones

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Dates. In scones. It is tasty. This was my first time baking with dates and it certainly won’t be the last. They add a delicious caramel-like flavor, and in this recipe I include them in two forms: chopped dates and date syrup. YUM. To develop the base for this recipe […]